Hi the following page will just be about the wolf, What he is, What he stands for, Health and the caring of the wolf, And his roll with the native american. Read and learn about him. Some of us could learn about family life from them, it is one for all and all for one! Hope you enjoy and if you would like to add any links to this page just let me know.



When the moon crests the hills
giving each tree a black pool-shadow
the wolves wade in the forest
wet themselves in the darkness
shake it from their fur
in clearings of light

Their eyes are stars,
Their teeth comets, their tails
galaxies they are
constellations of the night
they roam the universe.

They run as Diana's companions,
laugh as her silver arrows
and their iron teeth
harvest the hunt's bounty
they hide in her moon
cloud around her with breath.

They are brave of soul,
clear of eye and mind
they are strong of jaw
they are loyal-kind
they are keen to scent
quick to 'fend their kin
they are hot of blood
they are slow to sin.

Grey brown white black blonde
ear tail paw claw tongue
they play as a pack and they
melt together so that one
is part of all and all
become one.

They prance through the forest
they track through the sky
they are noble in friendship
and single in thought
I join them in flight
I run in the company
of wolves
wolfbard (D. J. Sylvis)

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God loves all of the creatures He has created,
whether they are either great or small.
And just as you and me are His creations,
the wolf also belongs to His definition of all.

God has a purpose for every living creature,
that He has put here on this great land.
Yet through a history of fear and cruel myths,
many people haven't been able to understand.

The wolf is part of the this world's eco system,
like all the other creatures here on this earth.
But the wolf has been sadly cheated by man,
out of having any purpose, or valuable worth.

Man has been cruel to the wolf over the years,
and has almost destroyed this beautiful animal.
Once so many of them used to roam this land.
But now the number of wolves is very minimal.

Save this wonderful, yet misunderstood creature,
before it all ends up becoming tragically too late.
Because our ignorance and narrow-mindedness,
results in extinction being the wolves only fate.

Hear the sad cry of the wolf as it longs to be free,
to roam the land where it once used to belong.
Give them back their land and their right to live;
we're both God's creations, and need to get along.
Pamela Hall
28th November, 1998

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